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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
6/24/1966 Bombay-New York Air India flight crashes into Mont Blanc (Switz), 117 die.
6/24/1966 Atul Chandrakant Bedade, cricketer (Indian ODI batsman from 1994), was born in Bombay.
6/24/1763 Murshidabad was captured by the East India Company under Major Adams for the second time, and Mir Jaffar was declared the King.
6/24/1869 Hari Chapekar Damodar was born virtually. He was the first terrorist of India.
6/24/1885 Tara Singh, freedom fighter and leader of Akali Dal Master, was born in the village Haryal, District Rawalpindi.
6/24/1897 Padmashree Pandit Omkarnath Thakur, famous music director of Gwalior Gharana, was born at Gujrat.
6/24/1901 John Thottam (Sir Marry Benigna C.D.) Marry, great poetess and teacher, was born in Elangi village at Kerala.
6/24/1908 Gopinath, famous Kathakali dancer, was born.
6/24/1928 Mrinal Keshav Gore, leader in Maharashtra, was born.
6/24/1946 Gandhiji meets Cabinet Mission.
6/24/1946 Congress party rejects British plan for provisional govt. pending constitution in New Delhi.
6/24/1961 Indian Manufactured Supersonic fighter HF24 flew took to air for the first time.
6/24/1969 Ted Hecht, actor (Time to Kill, Song of India, Gangster), passed away.
6/24/1974 India all out for 42 in Lord's Test cricket in 77 mins.
6/24/1980 Varahagiri Venkata Giri, former president of India, died at Madras.
6/24/1986 Government announced that unmarried mothers under its employment would also get maternity leave.
6/24/1989 A majority of opposition members in the Lok Sabha resign on the issue of CAG report on the Bofors gun deal.
6/24/1990 Defence scientists successfully test fired country's first third generation anti-tank missile 'NAG'.
6/24/1990 President R. Venkataraman issues notification formally constituting an Inter-State Council.
6/24/1991 Jayalalitha ministry sworn in in Tamil Nadu.
6/24/1991 K. Karunakaran ministry assumes power in Kerala.
6/24/1991 Pranab Mukherjee appointed Dy. Chairman of the Planning Commission.
6/24/1991 The first-ever BJP ministry led by Kalyan Singh takes over in UP.
6/24/1991 Two LIC officers burnt to death in Kashmir.
6/24/1996 Nanchil K. Manoharan, former DMK Finance Minister, expelled from the party.
6/24/1996 Cong(I) enters into an electoral alliance with Bahujan Samaj Party for forthcoming Assembly election in UP.


Other Historical Dates and Events
11/20/1902Gandhiji returned to South Africa at the request of the Indian community and revived the Indians against Anti-Asian Laws.
3/25/1898Swami Vivekanand accepted Sister Nivedita as his disciple.
12/12/1992Jasu Patel, cricketer, 29 wkts for India and best 9-69 vs Australia, passed away.
6/13/1996Govt. extends for another 2 years the ban imposed on LTTE w.e.f. 14/6/1996 under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.
8/27/1995Andhra Pradesh Governor asks N T Rama Rao to prove his majority on 31st following a split in the Telugu Desam party.
11/7/1867Madam Marie Sklodowska, great scientist, professor and Nobel Prize awardee, was born in Poland.
7/12/1932The 16,000-foot Shyok ice dam in the Himalayas bursts flooding the Indus Valley at Kashmir.
1/29/1997Fire engulfs most of the three top floors of the Express Towers, skyrise building owned by Indian Express group in Mumbai.
6/1/1790A treaty was signed between Marathas, Britishers and Nizam.
3/21/1976The Indian people have delivered a stinging rebuke to the woman who had ruled them without the benefit of a constitution for the past 19 months by dumping her from office in a landslide election. After 11 years of rule, Indira Gandhi has resigned, and in an uncharacteristically humble statement said she ""accepted the verdict unreservedly"" and promised ""constructive cooperation"" with the new government. The heads of the victorious parties immediately dropped the year-and-a-half-old state of emergency, freed political prisoners, and began negotiations over who would head the new government.