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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
02/26/0320 Chandragupta I succeeded his father Ghatotkacha at Patliputra. He is known for establishing the Gupta dynasty. Gupta era begins.
02/26/1857 First Indian Revolution called the Sepoy Mutiny ends in a few months with the fall of Delhi and Lucknow which broke out in Berhampore by the 19th Bengal Infantry.
02/26/1858 Diwan Maniram and Piali Barua were hanged. (Grandson of Purandara Simha, the last Ahom king of Assam).
02/26/1874 Sursingh Takhtsingh Gohil `Kalapi', famous Gujrati poet, was born.
02/26/1887 Sir Benegal Narsingh Rao, an eminent lawyer and political leader, was born. He was the first Indian President of UN Security Council in 1950.
02/26/1901 The notes of Rs twenty denomination were issued with two issuing circles. These notes had four numeric denominations.
02/26/1915 Pran Nath Chhuttani, great physician and teacher, was born.
02/26/1937 Manmohan Desai, film producer and director, was born.
02/26/1946 Mrinal Pandey, famous Hindi columnist, was born.
02/26/1966 34 national leaders charge Indira Gandhi's rule is 'constitutional dictatorship'.
02/26/1966 Vinayak Damodar Savarkar ""Veer Savarkar"", great revolutionary freedom fighter, social reformer, politician and writer, passed away at the ripe old age of 83. He was known for the first person to flee by swimming from Port Blair Jail and was associated with right-wing Hindu Mahasabha, started the Abinav Bharat as a secret society of revolutionary terrorists. He was a great Novelist and Poet.
02/26/1971 Noel David, Hyderabad off-spinner who played ODI in 1997, was born.
02/26/1972 President Varahgiri Venkat Giri inaugurated the Vikram Earth Satellite Station at Wardha near Arvi.
02/26/1975 Bhanubhai Shah established the first kite museum of India called 'Shankar Kendara' in Ahmedabad.
02/26/1976 V. S. Khandekar was honoured by Bhartiya Gyanpeeth Award for the novel 'Yayati'.
02/26/1984 Satellite Insat 1-B dedicated to the nation by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
02/26/1996 Parliament's budget session opens.
02/26/1996 Sahib Singh Verma sworn in as Delhi's second CM.
02/26/1998 Kalyan Singh wins the ''composite floor test'' in the Assembly, securing 225 votes against the 196 got by Jagadambika Pal.


Other Historical Dates and Events
08/10/1995Harishankar Parsai, famous Hindi litterateur, passed away.
01/08/1973Nanasaheb Parulekar, father of 'Sakal' newspaper, died.
05/04/1935Dalip Kaur Tiwana, great educationist and writer, was born in Ribbon village, Punjab.
05/07/1994Dr. S.P. Tripathy, Director-General of ICMR, retired after 32 years of distinguished service in the ICMR, and Dr. G.V. Satyavati took over as the new Director-General of ICMR in July 1994. She became the first woman scientist in the country to head not only ICMR but any Research agency in independent India.
02/17/1931Viceroy of India Lord Irvin accepted Mahatma Gandhi as leader of people and invited him at Vicregal Lodge (now known at Rashtrapati Bhavan). After the event, Winston Churchill, who later became Prime Minister of Britain, referred Gandhiji as ""the Half-Naked Fakir of India"".
07/12/1896Dangambarrao G. Bindu, politician and father of Hydrabad Liberation Party, was born.
06/18/1943British Field Marshal Archibald Wavell becomes Viceroy of India.
02/16/1986The Silver Jubilee of I.N.S.- Vikrant, India's only aircraft carrier, fails.
02/14/1994V. P. Singh elected JD Chief in place of S.R. Bommai who stepped down.
02/07/198161 die in circus fire in Bangalore.