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How to grow old gracefully?

Contributed by : JiJi

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Few suggestions:

1. Live in your own place to enjoy independence, dignity & privacy.

2. Hold on to your bank deposits & assets with yourself till death. Make a registered "Will".

Give your children & close ones a lot but don't give away everything otherwise you may feel very sad & sorry in later years.

3. Don't depend only on your children's promise to take care for you when you grow old, as their priorities change with time.

4. Love & appropriately respect your life partner in early years. It is most enduring relationship that usually survives many ups & downs in life.

He/she is going to be the best relative/ friend/ helper & caretaker till end despite his/ her imperfections. One realizes it especially in later years.

Expand your circle of friends/ close ones.

Do things that were left in your early/ mid years due to various responsibilities.

5. Do not compare & preferably expect nothing from others else you will feel miserable.

6. Do not meddle/ unnecessarily interfere in the life of your children. Let them live their life.

Give them your love, help & values. Share your knowledge & experiences with them, if they are receptive.

7. Do not use old age, as your shield or justification to demand care, respect or attention from others.

8. Listen to what others say but think, decide & do what you feel is all right.

9. Learn to meditate or be silent within.

So, meditate, pray & thank God every now & then but do not cry or complain unnecessarily.

10. Take good care of your own health. Apart from seeking/ having proper medical attention, eat best nutritious food that you can afford.

Try to do your own work yourself.

11. Finally, do not retire from life before death.

Keep on working in some or other way, as your body permits you.

Work keeps us busy & happy besides providing some attention, respect & money.

Simultaneously, love/ help/ guide others, as & when possible.

Lastly, one more important thing. Don't stop learning/ laughing/ smiling or lose your enthusiasm or passion to live/work every moment joyfully.

So, enjoy/live life "as itaffection is" totally/ intensely with great love


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